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The Legend of Zelda

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The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda is based on the popular Japanese video game series The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo consoles. Every episode of Zelda follows the adventures of the hero Link and Princess Zelda as they defend the kingdom of Hyrule from an evil wizard named Ganon. Most episodes consist of Ganon (or his minions) either attempting to capture the Triforce of Wisdom from Zelda, kidnap Zelda, or otherwise conquer Hyrule.

In some episodes, Link and Zelda are assisted and accompanied by a fairy-princess, Spryte who has a crush on Link. Link in the mean while has a crush on Zelda an tries to kiss her in practically every episode - without success.

After saving her ass so many times you’d think Zelda would grant Link that one wish. But no, she’s a stuck up little bitch who plays Link around for her own goals. Unlike the video game Zelda actually has a more active role in the cartoon. Not that she’s of much use. At least in the video game you don’t have to put up with her constant complaining and annoying voice. If I were link I’d just ram my sword between Zelda’s rib and hit it off with Spryte or let Ganon have his way with Zelda. Either way Link would be much better off without Zelda. Link’s annoying catch phrase in the series is ‘Excuuuuuse me princess.’ Man up, dude!

Aside from an annoying princess The Legend of Zelda is actually an entertaining cartoon. It has a fight of good against evil and you get to see more of the Link (and sadly) Zelda and Ganon personality than the one dimensional versions in the game. The animation is decent. The music is heavily inspired by the video game (duh) and the theme music from the video game can be heard throughout the cartoon series. You don’t have to be a fan of the video game in order to enjoy the cartoon, nor do you need to know anything about the video game in order to understand what the cartoon is about.


Good Guys

The Legend of Zelda Link headshot


Link closely emulates his video game appearance, wearing a long green hat with a lighter green stripe around the brow, a green tunic, and a brown belt. He wears a light leathery red long shirt underneath the tunic, pants, and a pair of tall dark brown boots. He has brown hair as in the first two games in the series. He carries a magic sword which is capable of firing bolts of pink colored energy to destroy his enemies. He is an adept swordsman and a quick thinker, but is somewhat childish. He often tries to get out of his responsibilities and winds up in more trouble than he predicts. Despite his character flaws, he has a very noble heart and will go out of his way to protect anyone, especially Zelda.

Jonathan Potts voice of Troy Jeffries

Voiced by: Jonathan Potts. Born 17 July 1964. Image via IMDb.

The Legend of Zelda Zelda  headshot


Zelda has a more detailed depiction than in the video games. She is about as tall as Link, with shoulder-length blond hair. She wears a pair of garnet-colored orb earrings and a blue linked tiara on her head. Her clothing consists of a blue vest and a purple overshirt, somewhat outside the "traditional" role of a princess. She wears a pair of lavender pants and a pair of reddish tan thigh-high boots. Her personality is somewhere between stuck-up and compassionate; she would die to protect her kingdom from harm. At one with the Triforce of Wisdom, she is well-versed in its magics and can wield its power. She is also quite skilled with the bow and the boomerang. She secretly loves Link, though she does not tell him because she does not want it to go to his head.

Cynthia Preston voice of Zelda

Voiced by: Cynthia Preston. Born May 18, 1968. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

The Legend of Zelda Spryte headshot


Spryte is modeled after the generic fairies in the Legend of Zelda video game. She wears a short tunic and her short, cropped hair is a sandy blond (though occasional glitches switch it to a darker brown). She is smart-mouthed, quick, and full of magical energy. Her father is king of the fairies, and she works as an assistant or servant to Zelda. She too has a crush on Link and is more obvious about it, constantly flirting with Link who usually brushes it off due to his attraction to Zelda.

The Legend of Zelda Triforce of Wisdom headshot

Triforce of Wisdom

The Triforce of Wisdom, a sage-like glowing green triangular talisman, is more of a magical object than a member of the cast. Its feminine voice offered sage advice, in rhyming riddles.


Elizabeth Hanna voice of Triforce of Wisdom

Voiced by: Elizabeth Hanna. Born Apr 2, 1953. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Bad Guys

The Legend of Zelda Ganon headshot


Ganon is a large anthropomorphic pig who is the main antagonist of the series. He uses an endless supply of magic to aid him in his attempts to overthrow the kingdom of Hyrule. Obtaining the powers of instant teleportation, he also owns the "Evil Jar," with which he can summon and create his deadliest minions. Ganon is short-tempered, and his plans are often flawed by the ineptitude of his servants. He has a high, shrill voice and wears a set of purple robes over his body; his hood can also act as a disguise for when he must go "incognito". His powers are limited outside of his underground dungeon domain, hence why he likes to spend more time loitering here. While on the surface, he must rely fully on his servants to perform tasks for him.

Len Carlson voice of The Monster Across the Street

Voiced by: Len Carlson. Born September 2, 1937. Died January 26, 2006. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

The Legend of Zelda Triforce of Power headshot

Triforce of Power

The Triforce of Power has a dominating male voice, is more casual in its speech than the Triforce of Wisdom, and in its only speaking role, it chose to admonish Ganon for pretending to be an amateur at the practice of magic.


Season 1


Princess Zelda: This is the Triforce of Wisdom, Link. The evil wizard Ganon has the Triforce of Power.

(Ganon's evil laugh)

Zelda: Whoever gets both Triforces will rule this land forever! You must help me, Link!

Link: Hey, for you, Zelda, anything!

(Link struggling)

(Moblins roaring)

Zelda: Yow!

(Sword zapping noises, water splash)

Zelda: Nice job, hero!

Link: Hey! Excuse me, princess!


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