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The Bluffers

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The Bluffers are friendly forest creatures who dwell in the land of Bluffunia, which was once a beautiful, untainted place of peace and tranquillity, until the evil tycoon, Clandestino transformed most of Bluffunia into a technology-ridden wasteland, within his evil fortress, Clandestino plots his wicked agendas, confident that he is keeping the Bluffers docile and afraid. But Bluffunia residents were not about to give up, led by the brave rabbit Zip, the Bluffers fight to preserve what's left of their home, and to drive out Cladestino for good, during their adventures, they learn many lessons about life and what is the right and what is wrong. On occasion, the wise Owl Zock will provide the Bluffers with guidance, advise, and riddles that will aid them in working out their own problems The Bluffers are also obsessed with discovering Cladestino's most closely guarded secret, "The Secret of getting it all", with the firm belief that it will help them restore Bluffunia to it's once majestic state.


Good Guys

The bluffers Zip headshot


Zip, a fast-running blue squirrel with a love of adventure; he's led a number of raids into Clandestino's castle. When Zip is not leading a raid on the castle he is often found in some activity involving nuts

The bluffers Zok headshot


Zok (short for Zocrates), a wise old owl wearing a toga and a laurel wreath. Zock is a fatherly figure and advisor to the Bluffers (i.e., the animal denizens of the last remaining forest in Bluffoonia), and the keeper of the encyclopedic Book of All Knowledge. His name is a take-off of Socrates (hence his Roman Emperor appearance).

The Bluffers Blossom headshot


Blossom, a pink mouse with a head of ginger hair. She has romantic feelings for Zip but he is reluctant to return them.

The Bluffers Honey Boy headshot

Honey Boy

Honey Boy, a simple-minded brown bear with a strong passion for anything to do with honey, and whose pet bees are always flying around his head.

The Bluffers Sharpy headshot


Sharpy, a red, bipedal fox who likes to outwit others for his own gain. He feels that lying, cheating, and stealing are what "real foxes" do, although he tends not to do these very successfully.

The Bluffers Regal Eagle headshot

Regal Eagle

Regal Eagle, an eagle (although he looks more like a buzzard) who talks and thinks like a soldier. This character is the least featured of the Bluffers and is often only called upon to perform a small task in any plans the animals may have.

The Bluffers Prinkly Pine Headshot

Prickly Pine

Prickly Pine, a hyperactive, red-quilled porcupine who is always ready for action and combat. He is able to project his quills with pinpoint accuracy, although this inexhaustible supply of quills often end up in the rump of Sharpy or some other unsuspecting Bluffer.

The Bluffers Prinkly Pine Headshot


Psycho, a shy, reclusive snake with limited psychic powers; e.g., he was once used as a metal detector. When speaking he adds an audible "P" to words that contain an "S" sound; "p'sad," "p'certainly," et cetera.

Bad Guys

The Bluffers Clandestino headshot


Clandestino, a bloated, self-adoring, hunchbacked human; he's the self-appointed totalitarian ruler of Bluffoonia. He lives in a fortress-like castle, the dungeon of which contains his precious "Secret of Getting It All" which is the source of his power.

The Bluffers Sillycone headshot


Sillycone, Clandestino's robot butler; he is smarter than his master and seems to possess no malice, but he serves Clandestino faithfully. His name is based upon Silicone and Silly.

The Bluffers Glum headshot


Glum, Clandestino's watchdog; his sympathies lie with the Bluffers, but he doesn't dare to openly rebel against his master because he doesn't want to lose his home in the castle.


Season 1


A pillow stuffer, your bound to suffer it seems

Your head is full of schemes

To turn the world around

But all your fancy dreams

Are from the lost and found.

Bluffunia once was a beautiful country, before that crazed maniac Clandestino took over. Clandestino turned that beautiful place into this. Why? Because Clandestino is afraid the bluffers would get his secret. THE SECRET OF GETTING IT ALL!


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