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Star Wars: Ewoks

What was it about


The series focuses on the adventures of Wicket W. Warrick and his friends on the forest moon of Endor during the years before the events in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Unlike the films, the characters speak English instead of their native language. The primary recurring villains are King Garneesh,the leader of the Duloks,Umwak and Morag the Tulgah Witch, who had a personal grudge against the tribe's shaman.


Good Guys

STAR WARS: EWOKS Wicket W. Warrick headshot

Wicket W. Warrick

A young Ewok with a headstrong and determined attitude, who often takes the initiative. Wicket wants desperately to be a great warrior, which often gets him into trouble. He is the youngest of three, his older two brothers being Weechee and Willy. Son of Deej and Shodu. Often plays around with some of the other young Ewoks: Kneesaa, Latara and Teebo. Wicket is a dark brown Ewok with an orange hood. He later gets a green hood in season two.

Voiced by: Jim Henshaw. Born September 28, 1949.

STAR WARS: EWOKS Princess Kneesaa headshot

Princess Kneesaa

The daughter of the Chief of the Ewok tribe, Chirpa. Her mother was killed by a Hanadak while protecting Kneesaa and her lost sister Asha, who was dragged downstream while trying to escape. Kneesaa plays with her friends Wicket, Teebo and Latara, and is often the voice of reason and wisdom on their adventures, but usually ends up in just as much trouble. She often appears smitten with Wicket, although there is no evidence that they ever become romantically involved during the series. Aside from her sister, Kneesaa is an only child. She is a White and Grey Ewok, and wears a pink hood with a blue gem dangling near her forehead (which, we later learn was given to her by Asha, shortly before her disappearance).

 Cree Summer voice of Princess Kneesaa

Voiced by: Cree Summert. BornJuly 7, 1969. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

STAR WARS: EWOKS Teebo headshot


Wicket's best friend, and is fascinated by tales of sorcery and magic, idolizing the village shaman, Master Logray, and becomes his Apprentice early in the series. He is a bit of a dreamer, and sometimes a little clumsy. Latara is smitten with him in the first season (which Teebo takes no notice of), but during the second season, he is constantly trying to get her attention, but fails miserably. Teebo often lacks discipline, but this is something he learns to master over time from Logray, and eventually becomes a respectful young Ewok. Notably, Teebo has a little sister named Malani, who is head over heels in love with Wicket. Teebo's fur is a bright yellow-brown, and he wears a tan, baggy hood with a feather.

James Cranna voice of Teebo

Voiced by: James Cranna. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

 STAR WARS: EWOKS Latara headshot


Kneesaa's best friend, and dreams of being a great musician with her flute, though her main job appears to be looking after her younger siblings. She even runs away with the Travelling Jinda circus for a time, but learns that hard work is necessary in show business just as much as with taking care of her family. She has a huge crush on Teebo, though he rarely notices it. Her fur is dark grey, and her hat is yellow with a pink feather in it.

Taborah Johnson voice of Latara

Voiced by: Taborah Johnson . Born March 21, 1953. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

STAR WARS: EWOKS Paploo headshot


Kneesaa's cousin and he is Great Chief Chirpa's nephew. He is close friends with Wicket and Teebo. He sometimes joins in when the young Ewoks go on their adventures. He is older, but often acts with less maturity than the younger Ewoks like Wicket and Kneesaa. His fur is grey, with a white face and orange hood with a feather.

Voiced by: Paul Chato. Born in 1954.

STAR WARS: EWOKS Malani headshot


Teebo's little sister. She is a close friends with Latara's little brother and sister, Wiley and Nippet, and Wicket's little sister Winda. She has a crush on Wicket and desperately tries to impress him. She has beige fur, and a blue hood with a flower in it.

Alyson Court voice of Malani

Voiced by: Alyson Court . Born November 9, 1973. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

STAR WARS: EWOKS Chief Chirpa  headshot

Chief Chirpa

Father to Kneesaa and Asha, He gives order to the warriors when they are fighting against the Duloks.



George Buza voice of Chief Chirpa

Voiced by: George Buza. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

STAR WARS: EWOKS Shodu headshot


Warrick is Deej's wife and Wicket's mother.




Frank Welker voice of Shodu

Voiced by: Esther Scott. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Bad Guys

STAR WARS: EWOKS King Garneesh headshot

King Garneesh

The leader of the Duloks.



Dan Hennessey voice of King Garneesh

Voiced by: Dan Hennessey. Born August 25, 1941 . Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

STAR WARS: EWOKS Umwak headshot


Umwak was a Dulok shaman from the Forest Moon of Endor. He served as the religious leader of the Dulok band ruled by King Gorneesh, and he sometimes had dealings with Murgoob, the Dulok oracle, and Morag, the Tulgah witch.

Don Francks voice of Umwak

Voiced by: Don Francks. Born February 28, 1932. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

STAR WARS: EWOKS Urga headshot


King Garneesh's lover and the only female Dulok in the series.



Voiced by: Melleny Brown.

STAR WARS: EWOKS Morag headshot


The Tulgah witch and evil counterpart of Logray.



Jackie Burroughs voice of Morag

Voiced by: Jackie Burroughs. Born February 2, 1939.Died September 22, 2010. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.


Season 1

Season 2


We're the E-E-E-E-E-E-Ewoks,

We're the spirits from the Forest Moon,

We're the E-E-E-E-E-E-Ewoks,

We're the spirits from the Forest Moon!

We are brave, we are bold,

Like our storytellers told,

That we're strong and we will fight,

And we'll stand up for our rights!

We're the E-E-E-E-E-E-Ewoks,

We're the spirits from the Forest Moon,

We're the E-E-E-E-E-E-Ewoks,

We're the spirits from the Forest Moon!

Yes we're at home on the ground And our highways in the trees,

When we want to fly up high,

We just sail upon the breeze!

We're the E-E-E-E-E-E-Ewoks,

Yeh we're one big happy family,

We're the E-E-E-E-E-E-Ewoks,

One big happy happy family!


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