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The Adventures of the Inhumanoids

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Earth Corps, a team of scientists specializing in subterranean exploration, would prefer to simply go about their work. However, this changes when a horde of monsters from below called Inhumanoids, collaborated by the evil human traitor, Blackthorne Shore, begin to attack the surface world. Against this threat, the team, and allied monster species they meet are forced to oppose them with whatever skills and equipment are useful.


Good Guys

Inhumanoids Dr. Herman

Dr. Herman "Herc" Armstrong

Code name Hooker, is the leader of Earth Corps, decisive and outspoken. His exosuit sports a powerful grappling hook mounted in an arm gauntlet, which he uses to scale vertical extremes in his spelunking adventures.

Neil Ross voice of Dr. Herman

Voiced by: Neil Ross. Born December 31, 1944 . Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Inhumanoids Dr. Derek Bright headshot

Dr. Derek Bright

Dr. Derek Bright is the maverick engineer responsible for designing Earth Corps' vehicles and other high-tech equipment. Often logical to a flaw, he is an intellectual of refined taste and he has a reserved temper, always keeping a cool head in the face of danger. His gearhead tendencies are set aside when he meets the eyes of film actress Stella Blaze during a subterranean rescue mission, and the two are instantly smitten, wedding shortly thereafter.

Richard Sanders voice of Dr. Derek Bright

Voiced by: Richard Sanders. Born August 23, 1940. Image via IMDb.

Inhumanoids Dr. Edward

Dr. Edward "Auger" Auguter

Dr. Edward "Auger" Auguter is the bald-headed member of the team, a distinguished archaeologist and Earth Corps' resident mechanic, constructing the team's protective exosuits and weaponry. Headstrong and easily riled, he frequently argues with Dr. Bright, and, indeed, just about anyone else. In "The Surma Plan," he even angrily hangs up on the President of the United States. His pugilistic nature extends to having apparently been an amateur boxer before joining Earth Corps — he "traded in his golden gloves for a power drill" according to a character summary short at the end of one episode. A running gag throughout the series has Auger angrily trashing TV sets by hurling his shoe at the screen whenever frustrated by objectionable news coverage; learning from experience, a latter episode depicts a large safety-net erected in front of the Earth Corps' TV set to protect its health against such ' well-heeled ' protests.

Michael Bell voice of Auger

Voiced by: Michael Bell. Born Jul 30, 1938. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Inhumanoids Dr, Jonathan M. Slattery headshot

Dr. Jonathan M. Slattery

Dr. Jonathan M. Slattery is a master chemist with the code name of "Liquidator," appropriately enough, since his exosuit features a spray cannon that allows him to discharge all manner of chemical compounds — whether dispensing an impromptu neutralizing agent to save his teammates when they stumble into a lake of acid, or whipping up a quick-freeze mixture that cements D'Composed victims in place until the light of sunrise can cure them. Around the middle of the series, he begins dating Sandra Shore.

Bill Callaway voice of Dr. Jonathan M. Slattery

Voiced by: Bill Callaway. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Inhumanoids Sandra Shore headshot

Sandra Shore

Sandra Shore, the only female Earth Corps member, becomes head of the Shore Foundation after her brother is exposed as a megalomaniacal criminal. Later, when Blackthorne bribes Senator Masterson to sever all funding to Earth Corps, Sandra promises to bankroll their operations on the condition that she is allowed to join the team.

Susan Silo voice of Sandra Shore

Voiced by: Susan Silo. Born July 27, 1942. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Inhumanoids Colonel Anatoly Kiev headshot

Colonel Anatoly Kiev

Colonel Anatoly Kiev of the Soviet Union army, a famous chess-master whose code name is Tank, led a counterstrike against the Inhumanoids when they attacked a Soviet air base not long after they were first released. Once Earth Corps imprisoned the Inhumanoids again, Kiev was hailed as a hero in Russia, with national news reports claiming that his forces had singlehandedly defeated the monsters. Consequently, he was appointed head of military procedures for a subterranean offensive titled "Operation: Surma." His KGB operative partner was all too willing to sacrifice the Earth Corps members to accomplish this ill-conceived mission, but the more noble Kiev switched sides to save Earth Corps and as a result, he prevented the planet's destruction. Promptly renounced as a traitor by the fleeing Soviet unit, Kiev was accepted as an ally of Earth Corps, who, as an expression of thanks, constructed one of their trademark "environmental suits" for him from the remains of the tank he had used to save the day. But when given the opportunity to join Earth Corps Kiev refrained from joining, preferring to operate solo in his continuing mission to defeat Infernac.

Neil Ross voice of Dr. Herman

Voiced by: Neil Ross. Born December 31, 1944 . Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Bad Guys

Inhumanoids Metlar headshot


Mightiest of the Inhumanoids, Metlar dwells in his fiery domain of Infernac at the Earth's core. Metlar's servants are legion, consisting of statues animated by the elemental force of the Earth. A hot-headed fountain of aggression, Metlar is able to spit balls of flaming lava, yet is not without his Achilles' heel: he is particularly susceptible to paralysis by magnetism, which therefore makes Magnokor, the magnetic Mutore, his foremost nemesis. (Ancillary material: A licensed Inhumanoids storybook, Cult of the Great Protector, suggests that Metlar may also have an aversion to water: in this tale, Earth Corps' plans to lure Metlar to a cliffside which they will then blast from underfoot, dumping him into the ocean where they foresee that he will "rust away to nothing." Although the plan fails, Earth Corps manages to hold Metlar at bay with a barrage of water cannons. The bio on the packaging of the Metlar toy suggests that this is his weakness as well).

Ed Gilbert voice of Metlar

Voiced by: Ed Gilbert. Born June 29, 1931. Died May 8, 1999. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Inhumanoids D'Compose headshot


D'Compose is simply an undead Inhumanoid, possessing flesh-corrupting talents and heliophobic weaknesses akin to those of a vampire. His unique appearance is marked by a dinosaur-like head and an exposed chest cavity whose gated ribcage can swing open to jail his prey. With the mere touch of his decrepit claw, D'Compose can turn his victims into frightening undead monstrosities (usually enlarging human victims to a gigantic size in the process) and they revert to normal only when exposed to daylight (known to the nonhumans in the series as "whiteburn"). He resides in the subterranean kingdom of Skellweb, where he commands a massive undead army. Skellweb appears to be close enough to the surface that Earth Corps is able to drill through its upper confines on two occasions to allow sunlight to penetrate.

Chris Latta voice of D'Compose

Voiced by: Chris Latta. Born August 30, 1949. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Inhumanoids Tendril headshot


Tendril is an H. P. Lovecraft-influenced character resembling Cthulhu. A slimy hybridization somewhere between a mollusk and a walking mass of seaweed, he can regenerate his vine-like limbs — large enough pieces will even grow into new Tendril monsters — and he is able to alter his size at will. More berserker brawn than brain, intelligence is not this creature's strong suit, he exercises a slurred screeching in his speech, and is clumsy and flailing in his movement, and has less-than astute powers of observation.

Chris Latta voice of Tendril

Voiced by: Chris Latta. Born August 30, 1949. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Inhumanoids Sslither headshot


This reptilian behemoth was locked in hibernation within an Indonesian temple until it was finally liberated by the machinations of Blackthorne Shore. Holding sway over both serpents and an army of unnamed monsters (similar to giant humans with animal heads and sometimes bat wings) and able to spit deadly electrical blasts, Sslither was the ancient ruler of the Inhumanoids, relentlessly slave-driving Metlar to construct the pyramids and other ancient monuments in bitter servitude. Metlar eventually overthrew his oppressor and imprisoned him in stone. Partnering with Blackthorne, Sslither tries to settle the score against Metlar but finds himself outnumbered by too many foes, quickly tiring of the battle and abandoning Blackthorne's charge.

Neil Ross voice of Sslither

Voiced by: Neil Ross. Born December 31, 1944 . Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Inhumanoids Gagoyle headshot


A brutish blue-skinned biped with a transparent stomach whose singular desire is to feed, the origins of this cyclops creature are somewhat obscure. The Gagoyle was discovered by Nightcrawler and Blackthorne Shore, who learned of the creature through ancient scriptures that directed them to a volcanic cave. There, dangerously high radiation levels served to incubate a cluster of Gagoyle eggs. The first hatchling would prove to be the strongest of the brood as it thoughtlessly proceeded to devour its nested siblings. The voracious beast soon fell under the command of Nightcrawler, who tried to use it to force Metlar's hand on the bargaining table. Metlar toppled the Gagoyle into a molten chasm where it is believed to have perished.

No voice actor.

Inhumanoids Blackthorne Shore headshot

Blackthorne Shore

His dark obsession was renewed with Earth Corps' discovery of an Inhumanoid monster entombed in amber: Blackthorne soon traces ancient documents in his possession to locate Tendril, who in turn liberates D'Compose. Blackthorne then instructs the crooked Senator Masterson to eliminate Earth Corps' funding and turn over the blueprints for their technology, using that knowledge to construct a suit of magnetic armour. He shadows Earth Corps into the subterranean depths, where he targets his armour's power against Metlar, vying to leash the savage Inhumanoid with magnetic force to make him obey his command. His vain pretensions are quashed by Magnokor, and Blackthorne's end seems imminent until he entices Metlar's interest with information about nuclear weapons, which the Inhumanoids then act on. Thankfully, Earth Corps is able to defuse the missiles and halt Metlar's plan, bringing Blackthorne into custody.

Michael Bell voice of Auger

Voiced by: Michael Bell. Born Jul 30, 1938. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Inhumanoids Nightcrawler headshot


Nightcrawler was formerly known as Dr. Herman Manglar, a geneticist sentenced to imprisonment in the Glades Penitentiary for engineering monstrous creatures in his laboratory. Sharing a cell with Blackthorne Shore, Manglar was able to escape when the sentient computer, Cypheroid, engineered Blackthorne's liberation. Unfortunately, while fleeing through the swamp waters, Manglar took a misstep and met his horrific demise in a pool of illegally-dumped toxic sludge. Later, Blackthorne recovers his decayed remains and enlists the morbid touch of D'Compose to reanimate Manglar in the twisted, monstrous body of Nightcrawler.

Bill Callaway voice of Dr. Jonathan M. Slattery

Voiced by: Bill Callaway. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.


Season 1


Inhumanoids, Inhumanoids!!!

The evil that lies within

Down in the fiery depths of the earth where the

Nightmarea begin..!!

Who can stop them..?!!

Earth corps I hope!!

Inhumanoids, Inhumanoids!!!

The evil that lies within

Can earth corps stop this evil before its too late

Inhumanoids, Inhumanoids!!!


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