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Galaxy High School

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Aimee Brightower and Doyle Cleverlobe, two teenagers from Earth, have been chosen to attend the intergalactic high school Galaxy High School. On earth Doyle's the popular jock while Aimee is the unpopular nerd, but at Galaxy High the roles are reversed.

That opposites attract, is a common element in films and TV series - especially in romantic comedies or teen comedies. Galaxy High follows a proven concept in that respect. Doyle is successful on the social aspect, but terrible in an academic sense. Popular among the boys for his sport performances and popular among the girls for his looks and charm. Aimee on other hand is the nerd, who prefers studying over making social connections, making her loved nor cool. It’s no surprise both don’t hang out much together on Earth. But on Galaxy High as the only two humans, they must spend more time together than they initially may have wanted.

It’s hard to like Doyle in the beginning, because he’s not particularly nice. In the first episode we see Aimee and Doyle travel to Galaxy High. Arriving at Galaxy High Doyle thinks he’ll be just as popular as on Earth and sees Aimee as a nuisance, which he makes clear to her during the trip to Galaxy High. Still full of himself Doyle asks Aimee if she wants to go out with him, to which she joyfully answers ‘yes’ - not knowing that Doyle is playing a joke on her: Doyle namely wants to hook her up with a froglike looking alien. According to Doyle going out with Aimee is something he would never do, which he also lets Aimee know in uncensored words.

However, the tide is turning fast for both. With the introduction of Aimee and Doyle to the girls at school during gym class we learn that girls are the minority at Galaxy High. Given the scarcity of girls at Galaxy High makes Aimee special while Doyle turns out to be just one of the many boys.

At the introduction class from head dean McBrain Aimee gets a full scholarship and a new car for her hard work on earth and good grades. Doyle on the other hand has to take a job at the local pizza parlor to pay his tuition fees and will not have a car gets a skateboard to travel around. An additional problem for Doyle is that he stuck's at Galaxy High with no way to go bacck to Earth, so passing his grades is his only option to leave Galaxy High. The roles are now reversed. Aimee is popular and Doyle is the loser.

Although Aimee and Doyle of the earth come from the 80's, Galaxy High itself is a lot more futuristic. You move around the school via an airlock that transports you to your destination. The lockers are walking and talking robots with personality. Aimee's vault for example is a nice safe, while Doyle's is an elderly senior who is not is eager to service Doyle in any way. Flying cars make the futuristic scenario completely .

The aliens and science fiction elements gives the series an extra dimension. In essence it is still about students who differ from each other in terms of personality, but it’s the same trials and errors that every student undergoes. But at Galaxy High it’s just a little crazier because at Galaxy High you have the alien factor as well.


The series taking place at a school, which always has been a popular background for various children’s shows. The nice thing about these series are the stereotypical school where everyone knows a particular character or can relate to one. The popular kids, athletes, nerds, beauty queens, the gossipers, etc. In High Galaxy we see all those stereotypes pass by with the twist that all students and teachers, except Aimee and Doyle, are aliens.

Good Guys

Galaxy High Aimee Brighttower headshot

Aimee Brighttower

Very smart girl, on a full scholarship at Galaxy High.



Susan Blu voice of Aimee Brighttower

Voiced by: Susan Blu. Born July 12, 1948. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Galaxy High Doyle Cleverlobe headshot

Doyle Cleverlobe

Good at sports, bad at everything else, but improving.



Hal Rayle voice of Doyle Cleverlobe

Voiced by: Hal Rayle. Born January 3, 1955. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Galaxy High Milo De Venus headshot

Milo De Venus

Milo The Venus is the nerd of Galaxy High with thick glasses and bow tie. He is class representative and eager on achieving good grades. The only difference with earthly nerds is that Milo has six arms. In the first episode he’s the one that guides Aimee and Doyle around at Galaxy High. Milo also works in the pizza place where Doyle works and becomes Doyle’s best alien friend at Galaxy High.

David L Lander voice of Milo De Venus

Voiced by: David L Lander. Born Jun 22, 1947. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Galaxy High Gilda Gossip headshot

Gilda Gossip

Gilda Gossip loves gossip as her name also suggests. Gossip is not so difficult for Gilda because sitting on her head are several tentacles, each with a mouth meant to talk. Gilda is one of the few alien women who do find Doyle attractive, but Doyle isn’t charmed by Gilda.

Nancy Cartwright voice of Gilda Gossip

Voiced by: Nancy Cartwright. Born October 25, 1957. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Galaxy High Wendy Garbo headshot

Wendy Garbo

Stylish vamp girl of the group, wears a live mink.



Jennifer Darling voice of Wendy Garbo

Voiced by: Jennifer Darling. Born June 19, 1946. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Galaxy High Booey Bubblehead headshot

Booey Bubblehead

Booey has a transparent bulb as head to see where her brains. She's very forgetful, similar to Dory from Finding Nemo. Perhaps the creators of Finding Nemo here have drawn inspiration from her.

Jennifer Darling voice of Booey Bubblehead

Voiced by: Jennifer Darling. Born June 19, 1946. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Galaxy High Ms. Biddy McBrain headshot

Ms. Biddy McBrain

Headmistress of Galaxy High, has a lightbulb on her head.



Pat Carroll voice of Ms. Biddy McBrain

Voiced by: Pat Carroll. Born May 5, 1927. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Galaxy High Professor Icenstein headshot

Professor Icenstein

Scientific genius, teacher at Galaxy High.



Howard Morris voice of Professor Icenstein

Voiced by: Howard Morris. Born September 4, 1919. Died May 21, 2005. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Galaxy High Coach Ferdy Frogface headshot

Coach Ferdy Frogface

Frog-like humanoid, Boy's coach.



Patrick Fraley voice of Coach Ferdy Frogface

Voiced by: Patrick Fraley. Born February 18, 1949. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Galaxy High Luigi La Bounci headshot

Luigi La Bounci

Runs Luigi's Lunar Pizza Parlour, Milo and Doyle's boss.



Howard Morris voice of Luigi La Bounci

Voiced by: Howard Morris. Born September 4, 1919. Died May 21, 2005. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Galaxy High Ollie Oilslick headshot

Ollie Oilslick

Taxi Driver, brought Aimee and Doyle to Galaxy High.



Gino Conforti voice of Ollie Oilslick

Voiced by: Gino Conforti. Born January 30, 1932. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Galaxy High Creep headshot


Fuzzy yellow flying creature, sings like Sinatra, adores Aimee.



Danny Mann voice of Creep

Voiced by: Danny Mann. Born October 31, 1950. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Bad Guys

At each school there are some bullies, and on Galaxy High it’s not different.

Galaxy High Beef Bonk headshot

Beef Bonk

Beef Bonk is the leader of the bullies, an oversized cock where steam literally blows out his neck when he's angry. The text 'Earth stinks "on his shirt doesn't not bode well for Doyle, who's often the subject of Beef's harassment. Beef is assisted by a number of followers who follow him slavishly.

John Stephenson voice of Beef Bonk

Voiced by: John Stephenson. Born August 9, 1923. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Galaxy High Rotten Roland headshot

Rotten Roland

Beef's sidekick, with a head like an egg and bags with rotten eggs he does justice to his name.


Neil Ross voice of Rotten Roland

Voiced by: Neil Ross. Born December 31, 1944 . Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Galaxy High Earl Eccchhh headshot

Earl Eccchhh

Earl Eccchhh, a slimy, green mud makes Beef's Bonk Bunch complete.


Voiced by: Guy Christopher.

Galaxy High Sludge the Janitor headshot

Sludge the Janitor

The Janitor, a little puppy that morphs into a monsterous dog.



Voiced by: Guy Christopher .


Season 1


Doyle was a high school star.

Everybody thought he'd go real far.

But he didn't get a thing from the classes he took.

You know he just wasn't interested in his books.

Aimee was the smartest girl at school,

not very popular, not very cool.

Two kids will be chosen from Earth,

to go to school at Galaxy High.

Traveling millions of miles through space,

to go to school in a far out place.

Aimee is the sweetheart.

Doyle's got a lot to learn.

Here at Galaxy High.

Galaxy High, Galaxy High, Galaxy High, Galaxy High!


The series was created by Chris Columbus , probably best known as the director of the first two Harry Potter films. Galaxy High dates back to 1986 which can clearly be heard in the eighties inspired synthesizers and drum sound in the background music. Don Felder of the Eagles is responsible for the music.

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