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Alf Tales

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Alf Tales

ALF Tales is an animated American series that ran on the NBC television network on Saturdays from August 1988 to December 1989. The show was a spinoff from the series ALF: The Animated Series. The show had characters from that series play various characters from fairy tales. The fairy tale was usually altered for comedic effect in a manner relational to Fractured Fairy Tales. Each story typically spoofs a film genre, such as the "Cinderella" episode done as an Elvis movie. Some episodes featured a "fourth wall" effect where ALF is backstage preparing for the episode, and Rob Cowan would appear drawn as a TV executive (who introduced himself as "Roger Cowan, network executive") to try to brief ALF on how to improve this episode.


Good Guys

alf gordon shumway headshot


Real name: Gordon Shumway.

Gordon Shunway, nicknamed ALF (acronym for AlienLife Form), is an alien from the planet Melmac.

Alf and his friends from Melmac spoof and retell some classic stories (such as Robin Hood, Cinderella, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow etc...) in only the way that ALF could.

Paul Fusco voice of Gordon in Alf

Voiced by: Paul Fusco. Born January 29, 1953. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Alf Bob Shumway headshot

Bob Shumway

Bob Shumway is the father of ALF, Augie, and Curtis. He is married to Flo Shumway



Thick Wilson voice of Bob Shumway

Voiced by: Thick Wilson. Image via Images.tvrage.

Alf Skip headshot


One of Gordon's friends.



Rob Cowan voice of Skip

Voiced by: Rob Cowan. Born April, 1948. Image via Trialx.

Alf Flo Shumway headshot

Flo Shumway

Flo Shumway is mother of ALF, Augie, and Curtis. She is married to Bob Shumway.



Peggy Mahon voice of Flo Shumway in Alf

Voiced by: Peggy Mahon.Image via Afbs.

Alf Augie headshot

Augie Shumway

Augie Shumway is ALF's sister. Augie is  characterized by her tqll hair style and for being a very messy eater.


Tabitha St. Germain voice of Augie

Voiced by: Tabitha St. Germain. Born August 11, 1976. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Alf Rhonda headshot


Gordon's girlfriend.



Tabitha St. Germain voice of Rhonda

Voiced by: Tabitha St. Germain. Born August 11, 1976. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Alf Curtis headshot

Curtis Shumway

Curtis is ALF’s brother.



Michael Fantini voice of Curtis

Voiced by: Michael Fantini.Born December 04, 1935. Image via Voicechasers.

Bad Guys

Alf Larson Petty headshot

Larson Petty

He is the primary villain.



Thick Wilson voice of Larson Petty

Voiced by: Thick Wilson. Image via Images.tvrage.

Alf Eggbert Petty headshot

Eggbert Petty

Larson's assistant



Dan Hennessey voice of Eggbert Petty in Alf

Voiced by: Dan Hennessey. Born August 25, 1941 . Image via Behindthevoiceactors.


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DVD information

2006 Alf The Animated Series - 20,000 Years in Driving School & Other stories DVD by Lionsgate Films

In 2006 Lionsgate Films released a single disc DVD with 9 episodes. Aside from that release, there have been no other releases nor a complete set of ALf the Animated series.

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Alf live action show

All seasons of the regular Alf series have been released on dvd.


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